Monday, August 11, 2008

Border Ambassadors March Opposing the Border Wall from Ft. Hancock to El Paso

Border Ambassadors is sponsoring a Peace and Unity March against the Border Wall in the Tigua region, from Fort Hancock to El Paso.

Here is a breakdown of the August 27-31protest march against the border wall.

August 27 (Wed). Kick off cultural event in Fort Hancock.August 28 (Thu). From Fort Hancock, walk to Alamo Alto. August 29 (Fri). From Alamo Alto, walk to Tornillo, hold community event. End in Fabens. August 30 (Sat).From Fabens, walk to San Elizario, hold community event. End in SanYsleta del Sur with the Tiguas community. August 31(Sun). Morning ceremony in San Ysleta del Sur .Then to El Paso. After arriving in El Paso, a bi-naional event will be held in Anapra, Chihuahua and Sundland Park, NM.

It was not many years ago that we called an "iron curtain" something immoral and inhumane, something that only cruel and hateful people would do to their fellow man, a product of a totalitarian enemy. So, from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, from both sides of the border we invite all citizens of good will, organizations, faiths and media to join us in this peaceful and united protest against the border wall.

We can show solidarity in many ways. Join the march, forward this information, donate to the event, post the event on blogs, and encourage the media to not allow such an historic event to be suppressed at the national level. So, please feel free to join us and liberally share this information with others. In solidarity against the border wall.

For more information contact
Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.
(830)734-8636 (cell)

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