Thursday, June 19, 2008

Community Forum Against the Border Wall in Weslaco, Texas June 26

Thursday, June 26
7:00 pm
South Texas College, WeslacoBuilding G
Weslaco, Texas

Speakers include:

Meredith Linsky: Immigration attorney in Harlingen specializing in deportation defenseMartin Hagne: Environmental advocate, Executive Director of the Valley Nature Center

Disregarding all opposition, the Department of Homeland Security plans to begin construction of the Border Wall in Hidalgo County on July 25, 2008. Immigrant rights activists, environmentalists, labor rights fighters, and other concerned citizens who believe in human rights are planning this forum to educate, discuss and, most importantly, build opposition to the border wall, which is against the will and interests of the people of the Rio Grande Valley.

The Border Wall is immoral, racist, repressive, and threatens the natural environment for people and wildlife. It also threatens the cultural environment; the militarization of the border has social implications throughout the United States and internationally. The choice to begin rapid construction on the Wall and to waive environmental and all other legal protections, potentially weakens the structural integrity of the regional levee system during hurricane season, threatening to create a Hurricane Katrina-type catastrophe. We are holding this forum in conjunction with a series of public rallies and events to broaden opposition to the Wall. This will allow the community to become better informed about the real stakes in this struggle, to hold our elected officials and so-called “representatives” accountable, and to allow a public arena for discussion, debate, outrage and planning action. Come to the forum and share your ideas, opinions, questions, and thoughts.

For more information, call (956)246-8193 or e-mail