Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big River Festival in South Texas - Enjoy the Rio Grande Before the Border Wall Cuts It Off!

Los Caminos del Rio is sponsoring the Big River Festival of 2008 at Anzalduas County Park south of Mission, Texas on Saturday, November 1.

Compete in an adventure race that combines kayaking, biking and other sports with mystery events!

Learn to paddle with one of Los Caminos del Rio's American Canoe Association-certified instructors.

Enjoy a nature tour of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge, the nation’s best ocelot habit!

Or just listen to great music while snacking on something good.

Cooking classes (teaching healthy twists to traditional Mexican cooking) will be free to the public.

A section of combined levee / border wall that is currently under construction begins behind homes in Granjeno and will end at the gates of Anzalduas County Park. Enjoy the park and the river now, before the wall is finished.

For more information and driving directions, visit the Los Caminos del Rio website:

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