Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tell US Fish and Wildlife - Destroying Refuge Lands for the Border Wall Is Not "Win-Win"

The New York Times quotes Jose Viramontes of the FWS Regional Office as saying the land swap in Arizona is a 'win/win' situation. This refers to the exchange of refuge land on the border for other land so that the wall can be built on what had been protected lands. The wall is being built before the swap has been finalized, and the Fish and Wildlife Service does not even know what land they will receive in exchange. The exchange was announced after the Buenos Aires refuge manager found the wall to be incompatible with the mission of the refuge. Please e-mail the Regional Director, Dr. Benjamin Tuggle, and Jose Viramontes directly and tell them to not use the words 'win/win' when discussing the border wall. If they can't support the decisions of those on the ground, the least they can do is not say things that directly contradict the reality on the ground. In the subject line, please use the words 'not win/win situation'. We need to flood their offices and let them know they are being watched by the South Texas contingency.

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Here is a link to the New York Times article:
Border Fence Work Raises Environmental Concerns

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